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Price: $60.00
Ancient Romans looked down their nose at the neighborhood, which is now the hippest and most popular in all of Rome. In fact, the Latin Trans Tiberim (or Trastevere in Italian) says it all. Literally, "on the other side of the river," it was like saying "on the other side of the tracks." Yet during the middle ages, Trastevere was home to aristocratic families who proudly employed cutting edge artists to decorate their neighborhood churches. Departing from our hotel, we will stroll through the neighborhood, focusing on the revolutionary artist Pietro Cavallini, who worked in both frescos and mosaics in the Church of Santa Cecilia (the patron saint of musicians!) and the stunning Basilica of Santa Maria. The tour will last approximately 2.5 hours with time to grab some lunch in between (lunch not included).

Price: $60.00
Ancient Rome's grandeur survives not only in its archaeological areas but also in the heart of the modern city. We'll explore its remaining antiquities, which are hidden in and under the modern city's fabric. We'll talk about Piazza Navona (which replaced an imperial olympic stadium), a variety of temples, and other ancient landmarks, and how they intermingle with art and architecture from later centuries. The tour will end with a visit to the renowned 2,000 year old Pantheon. The tour will last approximately 2.5 hours.

Price: $85.00
You will walk away from ancient Rome's city center, the Roman Forum, with a greater understanding of its uses over the centuries. This is a guided visit that includes tickets and transportation. Lunch in a nearby restaurant as you choose, but not included.

Price: $85.00
Experience how the top 1% lived as we sashay through Emperor Domitian's Mansion on the Palatine Hill. This is a guided visit that includes tickets and transportation.

Price: $100.00
The Colosseum is perhaps the best-known stadium in the world, made famous by the blood sports it housed. The Colosseum is in fact as architecturally modern if not more modern than the stadiums we build today. Much of this visit is dedicated to unveiling imperial Romans' use of sophisticated building material and techniques to produce an engineering marvel that still stops people in their tracks. As a bonus, we'll be able to visit the Colosseum's underground area and the arena. Tickets to the Colosseum proper and the arena area and transportation included.

Price: $260.00
Imagine a trip back in time to a wealthy city of the Roman Empire. Covered in ash by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the excavated marvels of Pompeii present a view of Roman history unlike any other archaeological landmark. After the morning tour of Pompeii and a lunch of classic Neapolitan pizza, we will visit the spectacular Archaeological Museum of Naples. One of the great museums of the world, it houses marble statues and elaborate mosaics primarily found in Pompeii. This will be an all day guided trip leaving the hotel in the morning and returning in the late evening. Including guides, transportation, tickets and lunch.

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