Anna Cooper

“It is unusual for members of a top-notch professional string quartet to devote such time in sharing their ability to see the beauty in music. You are not mere professionals but true teachers who lead us out of ourselves into something new.”

Diana Richards

“I am still thinking about the wonderful week at KentMusic. I feel so lucky to be able to delve into this extraordinary music and study it with such a marvelous group of coaches.”

Diana Brown

“The Manhattan Quartet truly stands apart due to your love for teaching and strong desire to further the tradition of string quartet playing.”

Etiam Praesent

“The richness of the experience was incomparable. I hesitate to call it a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ because I am counting on an encore tour and many more quartet experiences in the future. Thank you for the opportunity of witnessing once again your world-class musicianship and artistry.”